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Owning a pet is a huge responsibility in Georgia or any part of the country. As a dog owner, you are not only responsible for the health and safety of your pet, but also protecting it from harming people. It is a fact that most dogs don’t bite – however, there’s no doubt that all dogs regardless of their breed can bite when subjected to certain circumstances.

Recent statistics have revealed a reduction in dog bite claims. In 2018, over $123 million dollars were paid to 3,200 dog bite and injury claims. The figures signify a 9% reduction in comparison to dog bite claims filed in 2017. State Farm, (a member of the National Dog Bite Prevention Week) listed Georgia at position seven, having reported 117 claims and paid $3.8 million dollars.

Here are the steps you should consider after a dog attack in Atlanta

Identify the dog and the owner

The first thing to do is to identify the person who was with the dog at the time of the attack. Get their correct contact details and proof of rabies vaccination. Failure to do that might force you to carry out several rabies shots (that are often expensive).

Seek medical attention

Depending on the seriousness of the dog bite, call first responders via 9-1-1, for prompt medical attention or find a way of getting to the emergency care immediately.

File a dog bite report

The next step after treatment is to file a dog report with relevant authorities – this helps to legally document your case and may assist another victim who gets to be attacked by the same dog.

Acquire more information

After you have identified the dog and its owner, get more information about the dog such as its license information and any records with regard to its history.

Take pictures of your injuries

Photograph areas where you were bitten by the dog – you may require a nurse or a doctor for foolproof evidence. Otherwise, your case or claim will be thrown out easily.

Contact a dog bite lawyer

The second last step is to communicate with a dog bite attorney. Legal issues concerning dog bites are often complicated and hard to navigate through. Getting the right dog bite attorney or personal injury lawyer is one step closer to winning the case.

Start a detailed journal about the event

Once you begin the medical compensation process for your injuries, it’s recommended that you start keeping a journal of events as soon as possible. Create time every day to put down your thoughts, especially for the first few weeks. This is because dog bite claims may take several years before being concluded. It’s therefore important to keep a journal weekly. During this time, your representation will investigate the pertinent laws and ordinances surrounding dogs in your area.

In general, a dog attack in Atlanta can happen to anyone. The most important thing is to ensure that you understand the right steps to take when it happens. This will not only help save your life but also increase your chances to be compensated.