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Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyer

Contact an Atlanta brain injury lawyer if you have you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Don’t try to handle this on your own: although any injury can drastically affect your life, head trauma can be especially catastrophic. Contact Amircani Law and get the help you deserve.

Atlanta Municipal Court Amircani Law Author: Maha Amircani, Founder, Amircani Law, LLC

Maha represents clients in state and federal court litigation as well as administrative proceedings. Her practice specializes in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and real estate closings. Published on: March 13, 2019. Last updated on: July 13, 2019.

Choosing a Top Atlanta, Georgia Brain Injury Attorney

Contact a brain injury attorney to help begin the long road to recovery after a serious accident. A catastrophic injury can be a life-changer, possibly causing permanent and progressive disabilities. A brain injury may occur without there being any outward signs when it is caused. Unfortunately, the effects of the trauma may worsen over time. A severe head injury can limit your ability to work, take care of your family, and even care for yourself. These damages are often due to the reckless actions of another. 

There are many common causes of brain injuries. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Slip and fall mishaps
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Construction site accidents

Initially, the physically injured may experience a loss of consciousness or a skull fracture, but it might be viewed as merely a bump on the head. The damage, however, is internal and invisible from the outside. The symptoms will slowly begin to manifest. The injured may begin to have headaches and blurred vision. He or she may even observe unusual fluctuations in temperament. A traumatic brain injury legal adviser from Amircani Law firm would mention that this is one of the primary reasons people with serious injuries should avoid taking the first settlement offered by an insurance company.

There are specific categories of brain injury recognized in practice. In a head injury lawsuit, the range of compensation you may receive is determined by the category yours falls under.

Traumatic Brain Injury Georgia

The most obvious is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This is an injury caused by a blow to the head that results in disruptions to brain function. Each year, there are around one and a half million cases of TBI. Nearly 235,000 cases require hospitalization, and almost 50,000 people die.

TBI injury causes are, as follows:

  • 28% occur due to falls
  • 20% are caused by traffic accidents
  • 19% are accidents involving collisions with objects
  • 11% are due to assaults by another

Anoxic brain injury, the second type, is due to a lack of oxygen. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, it kills brain cells. Common causes of anoxic brain injury include choking, drowning, and various types of respiratory failure.

There are several observable symptoms of brain injury, such as:

  • Cognitive problems: difficulty thinking, focusing, and remembering
  • Emotional issues: anxiety, depression, and mood or personality changes
  • Sensory problems: diminished ability to hear, see, smell, or taste

Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

Because of the complex nature of TBI, it requires a knowledgeable lawyer with legal expertise in handling traumatic brain injury cases to ensure you receive fair reimbursement for your damages. Amircani Law firm was founded in 2013, by Maha Amircani to help individuals dealing with devastating and life-changing injuries.

Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

A Tough Brain Injury Lawyer

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How to Hire the Right Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

A traumatic brain injury can be a bit of a ticking time bomb. It may seem negligible initially, but the nature of head trauma is that it often becomes worse over time. It is nearly impossible to predict how bad it may become. At the time of the incident, you may feel and appear normal. Over the following weeks, months, and years, however, you may begin to experience a degeneration. Your memory, motor skills, and other functions may weaken and fail.

Therefore, there is a special designation in court for this type of injury. This is because the need for physical rehabilitation and further medical care may increase over time. 

Brain injury lawyers like Maha Amircani understand how to evaluate the legal implications of the medical experts’ prognosis. Although the overall cost of a brain injury can never be entirely determined or compensated, court awards are based in financial terms. A few of the variables that are included in that determination are these:

  • Cost of initial medical care and hospitalization
  • Cost of ongoing, lifelong medical care and hospitalization
  • Emotional stress of the entire family
  • Home health care
  • Lost wages
  • Psychiatric counseling
  • Rehabilitation

The right legal adviser in Georgia will negotiate with insurance companies to secure an outcome that ensures that you and your family are provided for in the future, as well as now. If the case needs to go to litigation, we will be your advocate until the end.

Traumatic Brain Injury Damages, Explained

In Georgia, damages for a traumatic brain injury are calculated differently than they are with other categories of personal injury. They are divided into special damages and general damages.

Special damages include things like medical expenses, current and future lost wages, property damage, and perhaps the cost of funeral arrangements. These are calculated by adding the actual expenses, as well as the estimated expenses and lost income for the future.

General damages are impossible-to-measure intangible damages, such as embarrassment, emotional distress, loss of reputation, loss of society and companionship, as well as how the physical injury affects your spouse. These damages are usually determined by multiplying the special damages by 5 to 15 times, based on how severe the brain injury is and how much it has affected your life and the lives of your family.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

If you have been involved in a brain injury , speak with an attorney about your options.

Brain Injury Association of Georgia

Aside from legal expertise, those dealing with the long-term effects of TBI benefit from the support of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia (BIA). Founded in 1982, the BIA was designed to assist victims of accidents, as well as their families. The 24-hour, toll-free helpline provides support group information, veteran resources, brain injury camps and retreats, and advocacy. It can be reached at 800-444-6443.

Bruised Brain Complications

Even when a fracture doesn’t occur, a bruised brain is caused by internal bleeding from blunt force trauma. This is rarely visible from the outside, but it can be detected by doctors. This bruising which is medically referred to as a cerebral contusion is nearly always the cause of a traumatic brain injury.

Although brain bruising can be minimal similar to a bump, it can also be life-threatening and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. An organization like the Brain Injury Association of GA, as well as your doctor, can provide additional information.

Brain Injury Association of Georgia

Brain Injury Lawyer Atlanta

If you’ve been involved in a brain injury in Atlanta, speak with Amircani Law about your options for free.

Brain Injury Lawyers in Atlanta: How We Can Help

A dedicated brain injury attorney from Atlanta, GA will ask a series of specific questions to determine whether you are likely to have TBI. Often, in cases of traumatic brain injury, the symptoms gradually worsen over time.

If you’re experiencing blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, numbness in the extremities, or tingling, you may be having symptoms related to the brain injury.

The insurance company of the responsible party may attempt to obtain your personal information including your health at the time of the accident, lifestyle choices, as well as any previous injuries you may have had. Legally, they are only allowed to do this if they have a signed waiver that providing access to your medical records. This is why you need the protection of a trusted Atlanta brain injury attorney. 

Brain Injury Lawsuits

The length of most Atlanta brain injury lawsuits depends on the individual case. The insurance company will attempt to make a quick settlement and to pay as little as you will agree to. This is where having a qualified Atlanta brain injury lawyer is vital.

Personal injury lawsuits are civil cases. The purpose of which is to receive monetary compensation for damages received due to the intentional or reckless actions of another that resulted in your brain injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. Even if the person was never charged with or found guilty of a crime, you may still have a case.

The sooner your attorneys gets started, the better. At the first consultation, you will describe how the incident occurred, what your brain injury symptoms are, what your medical care has consisted of, and how this has affected your quality of life. Then, your Atlanta brain injury lawyers will collect information like police reports and witness statements to begin preparing your case. Be advised: in Georgia, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years from the date the injury (or death) occurred. This is why you should contact attorneys, as soon as possible.

Brain Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

Brain Injury Lawyer Atlanta

Brain injury can be scary. The injuries and financial impact it might have on your life can be truly daunting. We’ve been there before and know how to help.

Do You Need a Head Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA?

An experienced brain injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA will advise and represent you in court and out. You may not receive the amount you seek in damages, as there are several factors that can affect your final award. Your brain injury lawyer will fight for the best settlement allowed under the law in Georgia for your case.

There are several factors outside of special and general damages that influence your case. They include:

  • Egregious conduct – Punitive damages may be awarded if the defendant was extremely reckless, showed no concern during or after your accident, or acted maliciously.
  • Liability – When liability is apparent, it often leads to higher settlements.
  • Location of the trial – Since the jury pool is culled from the local community, the location may have an impact on the award. Local demographics, such as education, income, and political leanings can affect how they see your case.
  • Mitigating damages – If you did anything that resulted in additional injury or higher expenses, the settlement may be reduced. Some actions, such as delaying treatment or failing to seek immediate medical attention, are viewed poorly.
  • Multiple tortfeasors – When there is more than one person at fault, there may be issues regarding the percentage of blame for each, as well as the amounts each should pay.
  • Plaintiff’s characteristics – The jury may also judge the value of your brain injury according to your personal characteristics, such as age, occupation, and even your degree of likability.

Samples of settlements awarded to plaintiffs in similar cases include:

  • $100-thousand for the victim of a vehicular collision who has a permanent scar and soft tissue trauma caused by striking the driver’s side window
  • $3.2-million for a truck driver with mild TBI who was injured on the job
  • $26-million for the plaintiff who was involved in a traffic accident with a commercial truck

Contact a Head Injury Attorney

Traumatic head injuries can be a life-changer, but they don’t have to be a life-ender. Although they may affect your ability to work as you had previously, there are many resources to help get you back on track. The office of Amircani Law in Atlanta will use their experience and legal expertise into ensuring you the compensation required to improve your quality of life, as well as that of your family. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We’re available 24/7.

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