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Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney

Maha Amircani, an Atlanta dog bite lawyer at Amircani Law, outlines the most important information to know if you’ve been attacked by a dog or involved in a dog bite incident in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’re anything like me, you predict living their entire life without ever requiring the assistance of a dog bite lawsuit professional. Sadly, accidents with dogs do happen and they can be devastating to a loved one, like a child.

If you have been a victim of a dog bite incident in the city of Atlanta, you should speak with a trusted lawyer. The ideal Atlanta dog bite attorney will assist you during the complicated process of filing legal action, and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Atlanta Municipal Court Amircani Law Author: Maha Amircani, Founder, Amircani Law, LLC

Maha Amircani is a dedicated attorney for dog bite attack victims.   Published on: February 15, 2019. Last updated on: January 6, 2020.

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In a perfect world, hiring a dog attack law firm would be unnecessary. As “man’s best friend”, dogs are members of many households and are treated as part of the family. However, each year, there are numerous reports of pet attacks that result in injuries and sometimes even death. Statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal about 4.5-million dogs bites yearly and Georgia is not exempt.

In such cases, the dog owner can be held responsible for the injuries from dogs bites sustained by the victim.

From alarming damages (up to $500 million annually), expensive hospital bills, and lost wages to permanent scarring or disfigurement, the initial assault to the victim is often just the beginning of his or her trauma. Therefore, it is important for victims to file for full damages.

A qualified personal injury attorney specializing in dog bites lawsuit settlements can help. Call Amircani Law today for a free consultation.

If You are the Victim of a Dog Bite, Lawyers in Atlanta Can Help

The right lawyers in Atlanta take a genuine interest in their clients. They take the time to understand the needs and special circumstances that surround individual cases. Amiricani Law offers special expertise and personalized legal help to recover all the money required by their clients in damages and/or financial compensation.

When a claim is made against a dog owner for an attack perpetrated by their bites, they do not usually pay those costs personally. Their homeowner’s insurance covers them. Unfortunately, providers are often hesitant to admit fault or to pay out compensation. In fact, insurance companies pay their attorneys billions of dollars each year to deny claims or significantly reduce the amount paid in dog bite case settlements.

Every victim deserves and is eligible for full compensation for all damages caused by the dog bites, but it is up to him or her to pursue the claim. By taking advantage of the expertise of Atlanta attorneys, victims can recover the monetary damages that result from a dog attack.

Can you sue for a dog bite?

If you are bitten by a dog in Georgia, the owner or keeper can be held financially liable for the resulting damages. In layman’s terms, you can sue after a dogs bite, with some specific guidelines laid out under Georgia law.

What is the average compensation for a dog bite lawsuit?

According to the Insurance Information Insitute, the average claim in 2018 was $39,017, which is 5.3 higher than in 2017. The report also claims that homeowners insurers paid over $675 million in claims relating to dog bites in the same year. 

How long after a dog bite can you sue?

In Georgia, there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, which is generally two years. Within the statute, there are exceptions, but as a guideline for dog bites, this is a good measurement.  

How much does insurance pay for a dog bite in Georgia?

This all depends on the level of insurance that the dog owner has. Typically, a homeowner or renter’s policy will provide up to $300,000 in coverage. As noted earlier, the actual amount won in a case will vary substantially based on a number of factors. 

Who is liable for dog bites in Georgia?

Under Georgia statutes, the owner or keep is liable for injuries resulting from a dog bite. There are some specific guidelines that you can review on this page about mitigating circumstances. 

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What Should You Do After a Dog Attack in Atlanta?

Dog attacks in Georgia are on the rise. The CDC claims that each year, about 4.7-million attacks occur in the United States with approximately 800,000 dog bites requiring medical care.

After being bitten by a dog, victims should do the following:

  • Immediately seek medical attention, even if it means going to the hospital for treatment
  • Obtain the identity and contact information of the dog’s owner or keeper
  • Obtain the identity and contact information of any witnesses
  • Document the name, description, and location of the dog
  • Discuss with an attorney about the dog incident

The police should also be alerted and a report made. A copy of the report and the identity of the responding officer and station info will be helpful to a diligent lawyer representing the case.

Dog Attack Attorneys Fight for the Rights of the Victim

When one has suffered a dogs attack, attorneys with knowledge and experience precisely in that type of personal injury litigation can be instrumental in receiving the best outcome.

It is the responsibility of an insurance company to keep rates low by reducing the amount it pays for dog bite claims. Even when the dog owner’s insurer does not deny the claims, many of which are legitimate, there is often extensive pressure for victims to settle dog bite claims for much less than they are worth.

The recipient of a Georgia dog bite shouldn’t risk taking any chances of getting fairly compensated, especially with serious injuries that require costly plastic surgery or other expensive treatment. Victims should be paid damages; the right law firm can help maximize insurance settlements.

What Should You Do After a Dog Attack in Atlanta

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Atlanta Dog Bite Laws Explained

Although strict Atlanta dog bites laws determine the liability of the owner through a couple of Georgia statutes, there are a few requirements that must be met. First, the dog must be regarded as “dangerous” or “vicious.” This can be as simple as showing that per city ordinance or law, that dog is covered by leash laws, which should be followed by the dog owner. Second is if the dog is at large due to the careless management of the owner. And lastly, the dog attack must not have been a result of provocation by the victim.

An experienced attorney can help clarify these laws, interview the owner of a dog, and speak to insurance guidelines on dog claims.

Speak with a Lawyer for Information Regarding Georgia Dog Laws

Although individual cases may be complicated, Georgia dog laws are clear on owner conduct. There are two statutes that determine the responsibility of dog owners – the Georgia Code Title 51, Chapter 2, Sections 6 and 7.

Section 6 of the law explains the liability of an owner or keepers of dogs and other animals. It states that if any animal (including a dog), outside the keeper or owner’s premises, kills or injures any livestock, the resulting liability in costs of injuries sustained due to the attack shall be on the owner or keeper of the dog.

The law is clear about a dog attack. Section 7 addresses vicious animals, including dangerous dogs, and the injuries they cause. It states:

“Any person who owns or keeps a vicious or dangerous animal of any kind that, by being careless in management or letting the animal go free, causes injury to another person who does not provoke his or her own injury, may be liable the injured person for damages.”

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When filing a dog bite lawsuit in Atlanta, victims of a personal injury are expected to submit the legal case against the animal’s keeper or owner within no more than two years. The law considers this period long enough for the victim to fully understand the extent of the injuries sustained, as well as the resulting legal costs.

This period is also sufficient to seek legal counsel and launch a proper investigation into the dog bites personal injury claim. It’s also sufficient time to interview the owner and get insurance information.

To understand the odds of successfully litigating the case, a conscientious personal injury attorney may request an investigation of the animal and its owner. By doing a background check, it will become apparent whether the animal had been involved in previous attacks or cases and whether the owner disregarded domestic animal-related laws.

GA Lawyers and Dog Bite Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Individual dog bite lawsuit settlements are unique. When discussing an “average” personal injury settlement amount, it is important to remember that this includes those cases with minor injuries, as well as extremely serious ones. Therefore, some legal situations will be granted much larger payments.

This is an attempt to partially compensate the affected individual for the severe and potentially long-lasting implications of the injuries from the animal. A few of the factors that are considered when determining damages include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Mental anguish and anxiety
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future
  • Lost time away from work
  • Physical pain and suffering

When it comes to dog attack settlement amounts, the state of Georgia ranks in the top ten states for generous legal compensations after a dog law case. In fact, the average settlement in Georgia is around $32,000.

Dog attacks can be terrifying. No matter how bad the situation, you always have options under the law. Speak to a sympathetic attorney in Atlanta knowledgeable of dogs who will explain your options and fight for your rights after an animal attack. Although your life may never be the same, the right lawyer can help ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

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Example of a Pit Bull Attack in Atlanta

Although they are often considered a gentle and misunderstood breed, Pit Bull attacks in Atlanta continue to persist amongst dog attacks.

On Nov. 23, 2018, a 70-year-old woman was attacked by her neighbor’s two Pit Bulls while she was walking her Husky south of GA Highway 208. The woman’s neighbors paid the vet bills, nearing $2000, as well as the Husky’s burial costs. The canine victim sustained 50 to 100 bites, and its trachea had been torn beyond repair.

The woman sustained very severe injuries. A report claimed that her face was largely disfigured, she lost her left ear, and almost half of her scalp had been exposed. She required emergency surgery and preventative rabies treatment.

In a situation like this, an experienced Atlanta canine bite attorney would be instrumental in ensuring that she is adequately and expertly represented when she takes the case to court.

Pit Bull Attacks Child in Atlanta

Pit Bull attacks of children can be particularly devastating. Due to their erratic movements and their tendency to look at a dog directly in the eye, children are often seen by dogs as a threat. Their smaller size makes them more vulnerable to a dog attack. This means that when they are attacked by a dog, they are more likely to suffer serious injuries regardless of the breed of dog.

For example, a 20-month-old child in Hart County was brutally attacked when two Pit Bulls ran out the back door of his grandmother’s house. On several occasions, the grandmother had been cited by the Hartwell Police Department for an inability to maintain the “disorderly animals”. Thirty minutes after the dog attack, the child was pronounced dead.

A sensitive and sympathetic lawyer could advise the family of their options.

Example of a Pit Bull Attack in Atlanta

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