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Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta

Have you been injured in a truck accident? We are here to help. Contact a truck accident attorney Atlanta at Amircani Law to get the best settlement.

We all the know risks of driving on the roads in Atlanta, especially when it’s rush hour. But, we never think the worst could happen to us until it does and we require the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer in Atlanta. 

If you have endured a traumatic collision between yourself and a truck or other truck incident, you should contact a reputable truck accident attorney. Don’t settle for the insurance company’s low-ball offer, get the compensation you deserve. 

Atlanta Municipal Court Amircani Law Author: Maha Amircani, Founder, Amircani Law, LLC

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Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta

Most people live their entire lives without requiring the counsel of a truck accident attorney in Atlanta. If you find yourself among the unfortunate few, however, reaching out to a qualified lawyer is one of the first things you should do. Accessible, efficient, and interested, native Georgia-born attorney Maha Amircani will explain your options, help navigate the complex process of filing a lawsuit, and make certain your case receives a fair judgment.

Accident liability is often difficult to assess because of the comparative negligence laws. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to have an expert Atlanta truck accident lawyer who has experience preparing complicated civil cases that involve traumatic injuries and managing mass tort litigation. A skilled attorney can help you determine when to sue and when to settle, as well as act as your advocate in court. If you or a loved one has been in a tractor trailer accident that has resulted in a serious injury or wrongful death, the office of Amircani Law may be able to win financial remuneration even if you’re partially at fault.

Most 18 Wheeler Accidents Can Be Avoided

Professional trucker drivers, fleet owners, and trucking companies need to be proactive in order to protect themselves from liability in an 18 wheeler accident. Although there are many aspects that you can’t control, such as road conditions or the actions of other drivers, there are several things you can do to maintain safety on the road.

First, follow 18 wheeler industry guidelines and regulations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created a set of regulations and guidelines for the safe operation of commercial and large trucks in the United States. The following important tips will help big rig truck drivers manage their risk on the road.

  • Anticipate hazards, such as icy, slippery roadways, and construction zones by researching your route ahead of time.
  • Pay close attention to warning signs and road conditions when passing through work zones.
  • Be aware of potential distractions that may draw your eyes off the road, and watch out for road workers.
  • Keep a safe distance between your rig and other vehicles.
  • Provide plenty of warning when turning or changing lanes in heavy or re-routed traffic, and drive at a slow, safe speed.

Second, make commercial vehicle maintenance and safety a priority.

It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to make sure that their truck, trailer, and/or container is maintained and in proper working condition. Although fleet owners are liable for the condition of vehicles operating under the company name, under Section §396.11 of the vehicle driver’s report, drivers have a responsibility, as well.

FMCSA requires that drivers inspect their trucks and carriers before heading out on any trip, with or without cargo. This includes areas of the engine and cab, the front, rear, and undercarriage of the truck including cargo gates or grilles, door latches, and turn signals. Anyone operating a semi truck must immediately report any equipment or mechanical problems, such as fluid leaks, visible damage, and improper placement of all cargo.

Third, don’t take unnecessary chances.

To keep commercial drivers and others safe on the road, hours-of-service rules require that drivers maintain a strict schedule. For every 11-hour driving shift, they must remain off the road for 10 hours. Under Section 395.1(b) of the regulation, if adverse weather conditions result in a delay in the schedule, drivers may add two extra hours of drive time for a total of 13 hours. FMCSA defines adverse weather conditions as fog, snow, torrential rain, and lane shutdowns due to roadwork or traffic collisions.

Even though most drivers operate diligently and with care, accidents happen. In the event of a truck crash, a truck accident attorney in Atlanta should immediately be contacted. Any other drivers involved in an accident, however, are responsible for obtaining their own representation and should contact Amircani Law.

There Are Many Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Due to their size and weight, semi truck accidents are more likely and are much more dangerous on the road. With factors such as inexperience or driver fatigue, mechanical failure, or even road conditions, the situation becomes quite complicated.

Truck accident cases differ from typical traffic accidents that include passenger vehicles for several reasons. The liability for a commercial truck collision may not only rest with the driver, but also with the fleet owner or company, the rig’s manufacturer, and even the person or team responsible for maintaining it.

Even the most experienced trucker can cause or contribute to an accident when they’re trying to control over 80,000 pounds of traveling steel. There are many possible sources of blame when considering the cause of a semi truck accident, including the following:

  • Driver history
  • Drivers trying to make deadlines on long hauls
  • Driving carelessly or too fast for road conditions
  • Hauling unbalanced or heavy loads
  • Lack of driver training
  • Lack of safety equipment or proper inspections
  • Road fatigue

Unethical practices like encouraging unsafe driver behavior or failing to maintain fleets are also causes of vehicular accidents. A wrongful injury law firm from Amircani Law can advise and provide assistance in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

A Tough Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta

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Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta

What Will My Truck Accident Attorney Atlanta GA Do?

An Atlanta truck accident attorney can address many different factors on your behalf. When dealing with commercial trucks, the number of affected parties may be greater than the average individual would suspect. Responsible parties could include contractors, company owners, insurance companies, vehicle operators, and even government organizations.

Amircani Law has the resources to investigate many relevant factors, such as the driver’s operating history, the vehicle’s maintenance and inspection history, as well as information pertaining to the truck’s electronic control module (ECM). The ECM recalls driving conditions, vehicle speed, and other information that was recorded at the time of the accident. A seasoned 18 wheel truck accident attorney will know which federal and state trucking regulations are helpful when presenting your case and determining what damages are likely to be recovered.

When you choose Maha Amircani as your advocate, you will receive all of her skill and experience in pursuit of your interests. You’ll also receive a free consultation and the personal attention you require as your case is being resolved.

Working With An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed, your best chance of getting fair compensation is by retaining a truck accident attorney Atlanta GA. Semi truck accidents are inherently complex. With the potentially severe consequences involved, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer like Maha Amircani will understand exactly how to proceed with your case.

Often, individuals allow anger, guilt, or confusion to cloud their judgment or prevent them from filing a lawsuit after a motor vehicle accident. Taking the case to court, however, can ensure that you’re able to recover the cost of medical bills and any lost living expenses, as well as provide a bit of closure. It might even prevent disaster from striking another driver on down the road.

Choosing an experienced vehicle accident lawyer in Atlanta like Amircani Law will provide you with a powerful counselor and representative as you navigate the legal process. Only a truck accident attorney can accurately determine who is most responsible for your suffering, work with insurance companies, and produce an optimal legal strategy for a successful resolution to your case.

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