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What Are You Entitled to in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

Maha Amircani, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta at Amircani Law outlines the most important information to know if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta.

Atlanta Municipal Court Amircani Law Author: Maha Amircani, Founder, Amircani Law, LLC

Maha represents clients in state and federal court litigation as well as administrative proceedings. Her practice specializes in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and real estate closings. Published on: December 01, 2021. Last updated on: December 24, 2021.

What are you entitled to in a car accident case? Find out here from a trusted Atlanta auto accident lawyer.

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What Are You Entitled to in a Car Accident Case?

If you were in a car accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, you may have the right to collect money for your losses. These may include, among other things, medical expenditures, missed wages if you were unable to work, and car damage. You may also be able to recover additional funds to help offset the impact of mental and physical pain and other significant intangible losses.

Typically, the money is paid through an automobile insurance company. For a free consultation regarding your case, contact an Atlanta auto accident lawyer. The right attorney can help you determine exactly what you are entitled to recover in your specific case.


What Am I Entitled to in a Car Accident?

When it comes to culpability for car accidents, Georgia is characterized as a “fault state.” The “at-fault” party was careless about obeying traffic regulations or fundamental safe driving practices.

That driver (or their insurance company) is responsible for all related damages. Even if they do not have insurance, you are entitled to this money. We propose hiring a personal injury lawyer to present your case properly and ensure you have the necessary documentation to establish your damages.

What to Do to Get Car Accident Compensation

Because car crash compensation might be time-sensitive, insurance firms like to act as quickly as possible, believing that they will have an advantage against drivers seeking a higher amount of compensation. Do not accept the first offer you receive from an insurance company; it is sometimes significantly lower than what you would require to get your life back on track.

As a result, it is critical to take urgent action toward recovery. Keep the following in mind:

  • Get a copy of the police report that was submitted. It’s as simple as going to the police station and asking for a copy.
  • Consult a doctor immediately to examine your health. Keep a record of all your symptoms, particularly those that appeared a few days after the injury. It is critical to understand that significant injuries may not show themselves for days or even weeks.
  • Obtain copies of all medical records, doctor’s notes, and medical bills resulting from the accident, regardless of whether they were covered by health insurance or paid out of your own money.
  • If blame is hotly contested, acquire detailed witness statements to back up your vehicle accident claim.
  • Do not provide a documented statement to the other person’s insurance company. They may use whatever you say against you in your possible lawsuit.
  • Do not disclose your accident on social media. Some individuals have an unintentional flare for the dramatic, which may be exploited and misused to harm your case and reduce compensation for your injuries.


How to Get a Settlement After a Car Accident

Before you can begin negotiating a settlement, you must first determine the extent of your losses. This extends beyond the physical damage to your car and any injuries you may have sustained. Add up all of the expenditures you’ve incurred since your accident. Include everything from auto repairs and medical expenditures to lost wages due to missed work.

Before you can begin negotiating a settlement, you must first meet with the insurance adjuster to see what they are prepared to cover after you file your claim. They’ll look into the damage to your automobile as well as any medical bills incurred as a result of the collision. They will use this information to establish a reasonable payment amount. It’s unusual for such payments to be substantial right away.

When you’ve determined how much the insurance company is prepared to pay, it’s time to write your demand letter. This is your opportunity to explain why the insurance company’s inadequate compensation and why you want additional funds. Take care to describe the degree of your injuries and losses as thoroughly as possible, citing exact numbers if feasible.

When they get your letter, they will make a counter-offer. At this stage, you have the option of accepting the counter-offer or continuing to negotiate. If you accept the settlement, you’re done, and you can focus solely on healing.

How Much Time Does It Take for Car Accident Claims to Settle?

Every case is unique, and a variety of factors determine how quickly your automobile accident claim is resolved. Some cases are resolved in a matter of months, while others might take years.

The duration of your claim will be determined by:

  • The severity of your injuries – Some cases can be resolved in a matter of months, while cases involving major brain and spinal damage might take considerably longer.
  • Whether the other car failed to stop or was being operated by an uninsured motorist, you can still file a claim in certain cases, but it will take a bit longer.


How to Calculate Your Car Accident Compensation Amount

The multiplier approach is one of the most common methods insurance companies and attorneys use to assess the cost of pain and suffering damages. It works by multiplying the number of special damages by a multiplier. The multiplier technique is based on the notion that injuries with more measurable losses, such as hospital costs, are more likely to occur in more serious vehicle accidents, necessitating the use of a multiplier to assess the exact cost of the event.

For example, if your medical expenses after a vehicle accident are $7,000 and your injuries resulted in $1,500 in missed income, attorneys would frequently multiply the total of the real damages — $8,500 — by a ratio that usually falls between one and five, with three being the most typical multiplier. The total harm in this situation would be $25,550.

At the Amircani Law firm, we care about our clients and wish to provide the proper legal advice, get them back on their feet, and help them receive their deserved compensation. Filing the proper personal injury claim and claiming the needed compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can be tricky and complex.

However, we are here to help. Consider contacting a car accident attorney if you were involved in a car accident. Call us today at (678) 506-2343 and let us provide you with a free consultation on your case.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Even if your car accident was minimal, a car accident lawyer could assist you by safeguarding you against legal claims made by the other party in an attempt to blame you for the accident in order to deny their involvement. A personal injury lawyer can also analyze your car accident claims to ensure that you are claiming all you are entitled to. Personal injury lawyers also understand which experts to work with and what evidence to collect to assist you in establishing the strongest case possible.

To learn more about what an Atlanta car accident lawyer can do for your case, arrange a consultation to ask questions and go over the specifics of your car crash insurance claim.


How Do Insurance Companies Determine Settlement Amounts

Sadly, there is no secret formula or miraculous tool for calculating the typical vehicle accident compensation amount. Each case will have a unique result, just like each victim. However, the knowledge of a vehicle accident lawyer can help you determine the worth of your case.

The first step is to estimate your economic damages. This is accomplished by totaling up all of the invoices for current medical expenses, predicted medical expenses, and property damage. Following that, we include your current lost pay from work as well as your anticipated future lost wages. These figures vary depending on how much you earn, how long you’ve been out of work, and how much longer you’re projected to remain absent.

The second stage is to assess and compute these damages using a variety of commonly used criteria, as stated above. These computations may be exceedingly complicated and differ from county to county.

If you wish to receive an estimation on your compensations, you first need to know if your case is strong enough. Contact the Amircani Law firm today at (678) 506-2343 for a free consultation on your case. It’s time to take legal action and get back on your feet, and we are here to help you on your way! For Spanish clients, please contact us at (706) 408-9979.

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