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Back and neck pain are two of the most common injuries after a car accident, drawing many accident victims to chiropractors in pursuit of a solution to their pain. While chiropractic care is known for being an excellent pain management option, few appreciate the value that it can bring to a personal injury claim.

With this in mind, we reached out to some of the top Atlanta-area chiropractors to gather their thoughts on the role that they play in car accident claims while providing some of our own insight as legal professionals.


What Is Chiropractic Care?

What Is Chiropractic CareMany individuals assume that seeking chiropractic care for back and neck pain is a sign of weakness. However, in addition to seeking traditional medical care, seeing a chiropractor can be a vital step to take in promoting your recovery and protecting your rights after being involved in an automobile collision.

A chiropractor may provide physical therapy treatments via manual adjustments of the spine with their hands or using a small, handheld instrument known as an activator. No matter which option is used by the chiropractor, adjustments are done by applying controlled pressure to joints while performing gentle movements to reduce pain, improve spinal motion, and increase functionality. Some chiropractors even provide additional treatments, such as massage, physical therapy exercises, hydrotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and infrared radiation.


Should Car Accident Victims Visit a Chiropractor?

If you or someone close to you has been involved in an auto collision, chiropractic treatment may help resolve many common issues that are experienced as a result of the accident. For example, the head and neck can be affected by whiplash-type injuries and may cause pain when turning your head side-to-side or looking up too quickly. Many accidents also result in bulging or herniated discs, which may compress the spinal nerve roots, leading to significant nerve pain and muscle spasms. Here’s what Dr. Craig Senft of Senft Chiropractic of Atlanta had to say about these injuries:

“As a result of an auto accident, there is trauma to soft tissue, ligaments, and tendons of the spine. These injuries often lead to pain which typically goes away, with or without care. However, chiropractic treatment can help avoid painful fibrotic adhesions and scar tissue formation. Chiropractic treatment reestablishes mobility and function within the spinal joints, allowing them to heal correctly. Neglecting treatment leads to future chronic problems. If a patient is treated properly after an accident, the likelihood of having those issues is minimal.”

Dr. Awais Butt of Planet Chiropractic explains this further, adding:

“Even at speeds of 10 mph, an accident can have major negative effects on the victim’s body. Without proper recovery, the patient will not only have issues currently but also increase developing degenerative type arthritis in the long term. Chiropractic helps with proper recovery after the accident and helps avoid future health issues.”

In short, by visiting a chiropractor early on in the course of your injury, the pain can often be reduced or minimized. Although the choice to seek chiropractic care following an Atlanta auto accident is a deeply personal decision, those who do choose to see a chiropractor may enjoy many benefits if they want to pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.


The Role of Chiropractors In Car Accident Claims

The Role of Chiropractors In Car Accident ClaimsIf you’ve just been in a car accident and are looking to make a personal injury claim, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your claim is as strong as possible. One of the most overlooked of these steps is the role chiropractic care can play in strengthening your case. By working with a chiropractor in conjunction with an experienced car accident attorney, your odds of obtaining a full and fair settlement increase exponentially.


Chiropractors Can Identify & Treat Hidden Injuries

After a car accident, many victims delay getting the proper care for their injuries due to delayed symptoms and poor recognition of these invisible injuries by many medical providers. Chiropractors are uniquely trained in the spine and neck, which can help them diagnose injuries often missed by other doctors. With that said, visiting a chiropractor as soon as possible following a car accident can be the key to a strong personal injury claim because it provides clear evidence that your injuries directly stemmed from the accident.


Chiropractors Provide Documentation of Your Injuries & Progress

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to reach a favorable settlement with when an injury is involved. Because of this, when building a car accident claim, the more documentation you can provide of your injuries and the care you received, the better your odds of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Visiting a variety of medical providers with different specializations can ensure that you have a diverse collection of testing, imaging, and treatment reports available to prove your claim.


Chiropractors Can Often Provide Expert Testimony If Your Case Goes to Trial

If your case goes to trial, you may need an expert witness who can testify on the nature of your injury. Chiropractors are often called as expert witnesses in car accident cases because they specialize in spinal care and trauma-related injuries that stem from auto accidents.


Get the Care You Need, Then Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Get the Care You Need Then Contact a Personal Injury AttorneyA car accident can have a lasting impact on your quality of life, and you deserve to be compensated for the injuries that result from this type of incident. Chiropractic care may help strengthen your personal injury claim after an auto accident by addressing injuries such as whiplash or a herniated disc. However, these efforts are futile without the collaboration of a top-rated personal injury attorney.

At Amircani Law, we are dedicated to providing exceptional personal injury representation to individuals who have been injured in Atlanta-area car accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, seek immediate medical care, then contact our law office to request a free consultation. From there, we will listen to your story, explore your legal options, and help you begin moving forward.