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Founder Maha Amircani recently appeared on on HLN’s Evening Express to discuss the rights of people who utilize service animals under the American Disabilities Act.

From HLN Evening Express:

Taylor Gipson says he was kicked out of a Popeye’s restaurant near Atlanta, Ga. because he had his service dog with him. Gipson is diabetic and his dog Bear helps alert him when his sugar is running low.

Popeye’s released the following statement to Evening Express: “We are deeply sorry for an incident at one of our restaurants regarding Mr. Taylor Gipson and his service dog and have apologized to him and his family. As soon as the incident happened we took immediate and appropriate steps to ensure that these kinds of incidents are not repeated in the future.”

Gipson now says he plans on suing the restaurant. Check out the video above to see our interview with Gipson and his dog, Bear.

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