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Maha Amircani, a personal injury attorney in Atlanta and founder of Amircani Law was recently in the news for her part in obtaining a $1.4 verdict for a Georgia car wreck victim.

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Greg Land, a journalist with the Daily Report who covers topics including verdicts, settlements and insurance-related litigation described the case in his article, “Two Mistrials Later, Wreck Victim Pulls $1.4M Federal Verdict.”

According to Trask and court filings, the case began in 2011 when a Dodge Neon driven by Andrew Fannin ran a four-way stop sign in McDonough, hitting Wayne Nichols’ Chrysler Sebring in an “almost T-bone” wreck.

Fannin said he was going about 50 mph, and was unable to stop in time, Trask said. Fannin suffered some contusions but was otherwise fine.

According to his court filings, Nichols had more than $336,000 in medical bills for two surgeries and other treatment.